Joint Ventures & Industrial Projects

Big industrial projects, such as the construction of a photovoltaic power plant, the development of an electric car or the set-up of a production line, are hardly ever realized by only two contractual partners. Most often, the different services, products and materials required for such a project are delivered by a consortium of companies that are all linked to each other via a bundle of various contracts.

GCC supports its clients with the negotiation and drafting of the agreement to be entered with the final investor, the structuring of rights and obligations between the consortium members, the integration of subcontractors and the arrangements with financing institutions.

The partners often implement their common project under the roof of a newly created joint venture company. GCC assists at the set-up of the joint venture’s appropriate legal entity and protects her client’s rights and interests towards the other shareholders through the drafting of adequate by-laws and shareholder agreements. GCC may also assume project management tasks, such as the coordination between all participating parties and their client.