International Business Relations

It is often heard, but also regularly experienced in practice: cultural differences and language barriers do render negotiations and the implementation of international projects difficult and burdensome. These obstacles, so often overestimated, can impede on the development of trust and on the understanding between the parties. This often leads to transactions being called off.

Despite European, American and Asian actors being very important economic partners to Germany, communication break-down applies regularly in international business relations. It is our experience that differences in styles of communication and interaction, as well as decision-making processes vary substantially between two cultures.

Dr. Andrea Geiger has a deep experience in helping to bridge cultural differences and potential conflicts. Over over 25 years of practice, she has developed a well-recognised reputation for neutralizing these cultural obstacles and saving transactions from being called off. Deploying her unique knowhow acquired when working for many years in Munich and in Paris, her knowledge of the German and the French legal systems, and of Common Law, and her understanding of different cultures and mentalities, she has often been the determining factor for a transaction’s successful completion. Her capacity to work simultaneously in German, French and English has proven to be an important asset in this context.